This Facebook post on a man catching a ‘big, fat fish’ in Mumbai flood waters is going viral

Sometimes you just have to find the good on a bad week. Rainy season are a spell of freshness and floods of rain. Floods are prevalent to the relationship between Rain and Mumbai as sun to Delhi. When it comes, it comes with force and goes with a flash. Slowing the city to its pace. Poetic isn’t it. Well life was poetic for Tejas Mehta, a media professional who shared the photos of the food vendor on Facebook. The food vendor had caught a fish in a minor flooding at Thakur village in Mumbai’s Kandivli East on June 11.

These flooding are common to Mumbai during this time. The rain causes huge water logs and slows the city to crawling speed. If u want a fun idea. Remember the delivery in ‘3 Idiots’. How the rain caused our IITians to lean on their ingenuity to bring life into the world. You may chuckle on the memory along with that profound profanity speech. Let’s just face it, there’s no ‘3 Idiots’ without it.

Lets get back to the point. Mumbai rains. Along with everything else in the ‘Sapno ka saher’, the rain is also filmy. Rains like hell with just about every grace it’s got. And in that bitter sweet misery this lucky vendor caught a big juicy fish.

Making Tejas Mehta day. Hell if I found astonishing sweet surprise on a miserable day. My day would be made. As you all know sweet mornings make sweet days.