Can internet be frightening for children?

Hi! Last year only my parents got an internet connection at my home. I spent most of the time using internet by surfing through profiles of my favourite stars, reading stuff relevant to my studies, watching video songs, downloading them and sooner I created my Facebook profile because everybody considered it to be ‘Kewl’ (cool) to be on this platform.

I found many of my friends there, my seniors, my school teachers, my relatives and parents were too but I blocked my parents and relatives thinking that would mind the fact that I signed up before I was eligible to be there. I was just 12 years old then. Sooner or later, I got into the company of wrong people. They were sharing irrelevant stuff and it was considered to be “cool” to be “manly.” When I use to meet them at school, just to be a part of their conversation and just to be pretend like a grown up, I started copying them. I started seeing porns, obscene images. Though I think I never liked it, but I wanted to be in their gang and learn things faster than the other students. Moreover, I think I wanted to sound cool.

Accidentally, I gave my laptop to my daddy when he asked and forgot clearing the browser history. He came to know everything I saw or did on the internet. He was disheartened. I was embarrassed. I realized I have let him down. He was not angry but speechless. He patiently explained me and asked for a reason why I did so.

Later, Action Innocence, an NGO, intervenes in schools and conducts workshops to inform and educate children and adolescents about the internet threats and obscene content.