Baby lip syncing to ‘Girls like you’ with dad is the cutest thing on social media today

Everyday, we watch so many cute videos of babies, pets and more that are circulated on various social media platforms on a daily basis. No doubt, all the babies are cute but this is the clear case of cuteness overload.

This video, in which dad is singing and baby is lip syncing on popular song of Maroon’s 5 ‘Girls Like You’, has taken the internet by storm and one can watch it over and over again!!! Yesss…this is amazingly cute!!!

In the video, the father is carrying the baby who is wrapped in a pink towel. Both look in the mirror and sing ‘Girls Like You’. Baby could be seen enjoying the song so much that she tries her best to lip-sync the song perfectly. The video was shared by the baby’s mother Trina Wesson on Twitter.

It has already been retweeted more than 12.3K times and liked by more than 33.6K users. Even Maroon 5 retweeted Trina’s tweet.

The video has been shared widely across various social media platforms. People are just loving it!!!

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