Baaghi 2 | Tiger Shroff : Tiger Bhaiya, it’s been 1 year and I am still waiting to meet you!

Tiger-Shroff Baaghi Aryaveer

Hello, Tiger Shroff Bhaiya! This is Aryaveer again. Today is 24th February and last year on this day, a video was posted in which I performed your signature step. How are you? Have you seen that video on youtube? I think NO, otherwise you would have met me by now. Even India’s No. #1 Hindi news website covered the news in which I performed that stunt and made a request to meet you.
Khud he dekh lo.

Still, there was no response from you. Also, there were article and tweets by in which you were tagged also. Have a look.

And, still you didn’t meet me! Yeh achi baat nahi hai. Ab toh pura ek saal ho gaya. You have made me wait for 1 year! Children of my age don’t have that much patience but as you are my hero, super hero and role model, I have waited for so long. But ab nahi!!! Bachcho ki baat toh sab sunte hai. I don’t know aap ne ab tak kyu nahi suni.

I have won many medals in Taekwondo and Chess but meeting you would be my biggest medal. Please let me win this medal. (line achi hai na? meri original hai 😊) I am your smallest fan. Smallest in size but biggest in love. Milega kahi aisa fan? Chalo ab late mat karo. If you want me to watch your movie, please meet me. I have seen all your movies. Don’t make me miss this one please. Ok. For you, I am doing your signature step again to impress you and, in the hope that you would surely meet me this time. Please Watch this video.

Now your film Baaghi 2 is coming. You know what! I got goosebumps when I saw its trailer. You look so awesome! I can’t wait to watch this movie. But, you better meet me this time otherwise I will not watch. Disha Patani didi, Nadiadwala uncle, Ahmed uncle, please tell Tiger bhiaya to meet me this time. Shayad aap logo ki baat sun le.
Acha ek baat aur. I love the way you do your stunts. It is my dream to do one of your stunts in front of you and see you smiling and clapping and teach me little bit.  I simply loved the stunts being shown in the Baaghi 2 Trailer.

Shhhhhh…please understand. I have told my friends that you will definitely meet me this time. If you will not meet me, my friends will make fun of me. Save me from that embarrassment please. Nahi karoge na aisa?
Dil hai chota sa, choti si aasha,
Agar is baar nahi mile to banega mera tamasha
Love you, Tiger Bhaiya!