Aryan and Aryaveer play Real Life PUBG like never before!

You all must be familiar with Player’s Unknown Battleground (PUBG), the most addictive game these days, which is being played by millions across the world. Young and old, almost everyone is playing this game on their PC, Xbox and mobile phones. But, have you ever heard of Real Life PUBG? You must have but this PUBG is different.

Why? Because this has been played by two little stars of the Kids Logic team themselves with some special additions not available on the old online PUBG game. In this video Aryan and Aryaveer are playing PUBG but in a different way. Actually, in a more sensible way, without letting their eyes or body get affected by the harmful radiations. They are playing it offline. Sounds interesting? So, watch Aryan and Aryaveer playing Real Life PUBG. And, you will find them playing this online game so beautifully that it would look almost real PUBG to you.

That’s not all, there’s a special addition of Revive Devi also. Yes, because this is Real, Desi PUBG played by the kids in their own way so they can introduce anything they like. Revive Devi can come to revive any player at any time. She appears out of nowhere and revives the player. She makes this Real Life PUBG very special indeed! Wow!

What’s more, the players carry a special gun also which can kill even a DINOSAUR!!! Can’t wait to see the video? Then check out our Real Life PUBG here for more and see who wins the chicken Dinner. Just click on the link and enjoy Real Life PUBG like never before!!!