Amazing! This Anti-bullying Rap has been Viewed 185 M+ Times

A pair of young performers— Charlie Lenehan and Leondre Devries— left the ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ judges and audience in awe a few years ago with a rap about being bullied.

Theduo Bars and Melody —performed a version of “Hopeful” by Twista and Faith Evans with lyrics of their own.

Leondre, who was bullied in school, rapped: “Please help me God / I feel so alone / I’m just a kid / How can I take it on my own? / I cried too many tears writing this song / Trying to fit in / Where do I belong? I wake up every day, don’t wanna leave my home/ My mamma’s askin’ me why I’m always alone/Too scared to say, too scared to holler/ I’m walking to school with sweat around my collar/I’m just a kid, I don’t want no stress/My nerves are bad, my life’s a mess.”

The performance of the duo made judge Alesha Dixon and Leondre’s mother cry.“The names you call me, they hurt real bad/I want to tell my Mom/She’s havin’ trouble with my Dad/I feel so trapped, there’s nowhere to turn/Come to school/Don’t wanna fight I wanna learn/So please mister Bully/Tell me what I’ve done/You know I have no Dad/I’m livin’ with my Mom,” the rap continued.All four judges gave the boys standing ovation and the audience cheered for the two boys from Wales. They impressed notoriously strict judge Simon Cowell who rewarded the duo by hitting the golden buzzer, which sends the act through to the live shows.The performance has been viewed more than 185 Million times since it was posted on YouTube.