Who wants to be a millionaire? Sojas Wagle

Oh My God! No, no, no…we are not going to talk about that Bollywood movie of Akshay Kumar. This is something else. It’s out of the world. This video…no, this child…actually, this show in which a 14-year-old becomes a millionaire has left us in awe.


Wow! This Indian American teen from Springdale, Arkansas, won $250,000 so easily on Who wants to be a Millionaire! Watching him answering every question with ease is a delight!
His final question was: “Speaking in terms of total geographic area, which of these statements is true?” The correct answer among four possible options was “Brazil is larger than Australia”.

This boy answered it correctly and became the second solo contestant to make it up to that level of questions on the show!Yes, it was one of the most exciting episodes of

WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE, in which, Sojas Wagle, won this huge prize money. He answered the $250,000 question correctly and decided to walk with the huge prize money after looking at the $500,000 question.

This highly intelligent student of Har-Ber High School is also a winner of the Arkansas State Geographic Bee and took third place in the 2015 National Geographic Bee. His dream is to be a medical malpractice lawyer when he grows up.

The Kids Logic team wishes him good luck. He certainly deserves a big round of applause!