Smart kids prefer to answer questions in their own style

Kids these days are too smart to be fooled. They are even smarter than their teachers (this is what most of them feel these day). Yes, the digital era has made them super confident and they don’t believe in the conventional teaching method anymore. They don’t want to study and write exams like their parents now. They give answers to every question in their own style; whether right or wrong, they don’t care. They do what they feel is right. “What good will these exams do to us?” say kids. They are right to some extent, actually.

With so many digital platforms, career is something they are least bothered about. It is not their fault. They have seen so many people achieving success in a short period of time. They have seen how the world’s largest social media’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg became a millionaire so early in his life.
There are many other social media platforms too where people are earning name and fame just by making a few good humorous, unique, serious, informative videos. Inspired by Ashish, Buwan and Amit Bhadana, many kids want to become a YouTuber these days.

Another popular app TikTok has given a platform to so many aspiring actors that by mere winning a crown on it, they open the door of many Bollywood and Hollywood opportunities for themselves. There’s no need to go anywhere; just from the comfort of their home, they can become a star by being a part of any of these digital platform. Then why would our kids be interested in studying French or Russian revolution in History, plant and animal kingdom or Newton’s law of motion in Science when they can do a lot many other things in life!
However, here’s piece of advice for our dear kids.

Your logic is undeniable but you have to study like every other child in this world. Your parents also studied in the same manner. We know you hate all those things that are still the same since decades but nothing is in our hands. If you are so in love with the digital world and social media, then make use of it to benefit yourself as well. Write to the people in power about you concern. May be you hear some good news soon. But till then, you have to study, the same History, the same Science, the same boring English, the same difficult Mathematics. Giving stupid answers in the exam could make one laugh once but it does no good to you. Study hard so that you can come in power one day to make the changes you are yearning for today. Till then, happy studying!