“Little siblings spread message of positivity, support and love!

Aww! It is such a cute video. A young boy comforts his upset little sister after she fails to score at basketball. The little girl here tries to score, getting on her tip toes and trying as hard as she can to reach the basketball hoop.

However, much to the little girl’s distress, the ball ends up falling back onto the ground. And then, the girl quickly bursts into tears for not being able to manage to score the basket. Her older brother, however, immediately comes to her rescue. He then hugs her and kisses her in a bid to comfort his younger sibling — but the little girl doesn’t stop crying. The older sibling then places the ball into her hands, explaining: ‘Now I’m going to carry you.’

Hearing that, the little girl smiles and soon succeeds in throwing the ball into the hoop. It is so heart warming to see the little siblings celebrating the success. The video also gives a message that siblings are the best friends and the greats gift of God. Also, they are spreading the message of positivity, support and love as per their mother.

The clip promptly went viral after the children’s mother shared it on Instagram, and it has now been viewed more than 99,438 times