A heart-touching story by an 8-year-old boy

Life is precious but for many people nowadays, money seems to be the most important thing. But, not for kids. They see the world from their own pure lenses which are still uneffected by the dirt and dust in the current atmosphere. They can see the adults falling into the trap of greediness from a distance.

Everything has become a business today, and it includes a noble profession of medical as well. Doctors are compared with God but when those so called ‘gods’ make their profession a business and let people die because of money, they make us lose faith in humanity.

Here’s a heart touching story written by Aryaveer, an 8-year-old boy, who, at this tender age, wrote about this serious problem in our society which even many adults fail to notice. This write up is not a part of his school assignment. He wrote this because he is watching the society closely and the deeds of its people, of course.

It has been written so innocently that every word of it seems to have come straight from his heart. Unlike adults, he doesn’t care about the mistakes; he just wants to give a lesson to those doctors for whom money is more important than life. It’s a story of a girl who, due to lack of money, died in a hospital, when doctors denied treatment to her parents as they failed to deposit the money.

Unfortunately, our kids are watching all this happening in our society but, fortunately, they are against it. So, there’s a hope that our future would be better.
That is why we should always encourage kids to express themselves, either through writing or speaking.

Keep it up, Aryaveer! May your words have some positive effect on people from every walk of life. Your each word may prove to be a step towards a big change. Yes, your message shall reach millions that ‘Life is more important than money’. Thank you for restoring our faith in humanity through your words.