4 Unique Kanjak Gift Ideas For Ashtami/Navami Puja

Have you been on the lookout for kanjak gifts for kids this Ashtami/Navami puja? Are you bored of the routine plastic lunch boxes and plates for the girls? Then you have come to the right place. We will give you unique gift ideas this kanjak for Ashtami/Navami puja at your home.

If you have been thinking about doing away with the plastic boxes for giving halwa puri to kids this kanjak, then you are on the right path. It has been found extremely dangerous to give away hot food in plastic containers as it produces toxins that are really harmful for the kids. Besides, you should think about doing something different than the usual. Hence, we give you 4 unique gift ideas for kanjak this Ashtami/ Navami puja.

1. Steel Plates And Tiffin Boxes
There are many attractive designs available in the market today for tiffin boxes and plates that make for a great kanjak gift. It is also environment friendly and miles away from the regular plastic lunch boxes.

2. Art & Crafts Kit
You can give girls cute little drawing kits or coloring kits complete with all types of colors- crayons, water colors, sketch pens, markers, colored pencils and the likes. This will not only make for a unique kanjak gift, but will also prove useful for the school going kids. Who doesn’t love colors, right!

3. Sling purses
Little girls really like to carry small fuzzy sling purses. They come in many designs like fur ones, decorated with pearls, hand embroidered ones and even cartoon ones. Take your pick!

4. Hand held mirrors
These little carry on hand held mirrors comes decorated in various shapes and forms. Buy one for the little kanjaks and see their happy faces!

Ashtami/ Navami Puja is a day to honour the little girls aka kanjaks in our lives. Gift them these unique kanjak gifts to make their day!