This Super Cute Video Of A Pathan Kid Talking In Urdu Will Make Your Day

Admit it. You all love watching cute kids video online! And why wouldn’t you? The internet is abuzz with little bundles of joy, who with their wit and abundantly cute ways are winning the hearts of all netizens across the world. There is nothing better than on a grumpy day to liven things up by watching a child in action!

In real life as well, whenever you are feeling down or had a stressed out day at work, you love to come back to your kids and get lost in their innocent activities.

There is something very intriguing and fascinating seeing a kid talk just like a grown up and that too in their flawless mother tongue. May be that is the reason this cute little Pathan kid with his impeccable Pashto dialect is making waves on the internet.

Yes, believe it or not, Pathan Ka Bachcha is what the title of most of this kid’s videos are on internet. This “googly woogly woosh” kid with an adorable face and black specs is the latest boy wonder to have caught the fascination of the world with his incredible Urdu speaking skills. The kid’s name is Ahmed Shah, who in this video can be seen conversing with an adult and giving hilarious responses to his questions!
The way the kid utters ‘tum hamara dushman hai’ and ‘tum hamara dost’, will make you reminiscence about Amitabh Bachchan’s Khuda Gawah days!

We implore you to do check out this adorable video of Ahmed Shah, and see if you remain unfazed from his cuteness!
We challenge you once would not be enough; you will watch it on replay! If you wish to see more such videos of this bundle of joy, then just key in the magic words ‘Pathan Ka Bachcha’.