Funniest ‘Kids’ Logic’ that’ll make you laugh out loud!

Kids are unique, awesome, super, crazy, cool, smart, intelligent, wise, funny, truthful, naughty, simple, genius and what not!

There’s no comparison to the kids’ logic. They ask, say and do things that makes no sense yet makes you smile, laugh, cry and scream. They are capable of doing all the funny things on this earth.

Sometimes they say things that have no meaning at all and sometimes what they say is absolutely right. They can be extremely truthful. There are times when there is no logic in what they say but you laugh at it hysterically.

Sweet is the word for anything that includes kids. The innocence, the simplicity, the cuteness of the kids is all that makes one forget the problems of the world. Anything related to kids is therapeutic.
So, are you ready to have your laughter dose for today?

Then check out this hilarious video with some extremely entertaining examples of the kids’ logic that’ll crack you up. From hilarious kids who beat the system to funny kids who took instructions literally and funniest kids test answers – it has it all.