The best and very simple science experiments for kids

Do you know how to move a still arrow by just putting a glass of water on a coin? Do you know how to separate pepper from salt with the help of a balloon? Kids know it all and can show you how to do it. Kids are born scientists.

You must have seen them experimenting with something or the other always, whether they’re throwing colours in a water bowl or blowing bubbles in the bath water or making a beautiful car or house with blocks and breaking it in one go suddenly. But, it’s fun to watch kids doing all these stuff. As parents, we should encourage them to explore, to discover, to invent. You never know, you kids might become a scientist one day.

There are so many science experiments for kids to do at home. Yes science experiments at home means they can do different experiments safely under your guidance. There are so many science activities for kids that they can perform at home without any problem! All you need is your hands to help your kids and a few simple materials which you can easily find in your house.All this make those activities fun science activities for kids and they can learn science in a fun way. 

When you are looking for a science activity for you kids to do at home, pull out a list of science for kids articles and videos of very simple science experiments. Here we have got videos of science activities and experiments for you which you are surely going to find useful.

You will find here the videos of very simple science experiments. These are very easy and this way, kids get exposed to various scientific concepts in a fun way. It’s a great way to make your kid learn and you also get to spend some quality time with your kids. Also, kids can use these tricks for their school projects and surprise their teachers by sharing these simple yet amazing science experiment ideas.

Even there are science experiments for very small kids of class 1 and 2. Here we have shared a video of very simple science experiments for class 1 and experiments with water for class 2. The science activities for kids and science experiments for kids make them more interested in science and provide them with things they need to make awesome discoveries.