Simple yet useful tips to beat the examination stress

Life is so simple yet we make it so complicated. Exams are to make the students study, otherwise they would seldom open their books. Yes! It’s a fact. Kids these days find the books and exams so boring because they are so in love with the gadgets in this digital era. In this, they forget that exams are also simple like life. Whatever is taught in a particular session is asked in the exams.

Then why do we fear exams so much, especially board exams? Why do we allow this phobia to attack our minds? The reason is simple. We fear the future so much that we fail to concentrate on the present. We fail to see the capabilities of our own children and start comparing them with our neighbor’s or relative’s children. But why? As the saying goes, you can’t judge a fish by its ability to climb a mountain. Then why this comparison? A child not good is mathematics may become a singer in the future.

A child not good in science may become a business tycoon tomorrow. But, we get so obsessed with marks and results today that we fail to look at the talent our kids are born with.
Ok. Now don’t worry! Dealing with examination stress and phobia is quite natural. Almost every parent and every child deals with it, except a few.

The video here shares the tips to deal with examination stress in a beautiful way, such as:
-How a child should plan his days and go step by step.Why study table is important and how to improve concentration
-Why sleeping 7 to 9 hours is important for better performance in the exams
-How to remember what you studied yesterday
-Why it is not a good idea to study just before a few minutes or an hour before the exam

It’s a beautiful video on tips to release exam stress by Dr. Samir Parikh – Director, Department of Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences at Fortis Healthcare. Call your kids also and watch together.