Simple yet amazing photo tricks to get you more likes on social media

Today, taking picture is no more about memories, no more about creating albums and sharing them with loved ones. The time has changed. We are living in a digital era where every second is important, every moment we are supposed to do something different, something better than the others. The pictures we take are no more just pictures. We call these images insta pics, fb pics, snapchat stories, all to get more likes and more followers day by day. These are our admirers from the virtual world whom we have never seen or met. But, the likes that we get give us the oxygen to survive in the online world. Here, the challenge is to take different shots with the same phone every day. But, how to do it? Relax!

That’s why we are here, to bring you some amazing photo tricks you can learn with your smartphone. Na, there’s no need to buy an expensive camera or an editing software. Just use your phone and leave the world amazed. Sorry, the virtual world.
You can make various special photography effects by using simple things like a bottle of cold drink, taking shots from different angles, making some of your friends sit little far away and taking their picture with some object in your hand. This way, the object will appear huge and your friends like dwarfs. Also, try to use all the new features in your phone to explore some unique techniques to take a unique shot every time. Yes, the creativity has no limits and your phone is there to help you. So, why worry!

Just look at this video and explore the world of creative photography to become a new star of social media. Inside you there’s a photographer you don’t know about. Meet him, talk to him, let him take the best shots and leave everyone stunned. Excited? Check out how to take perfect shots with minimum efforts and you will surely get more followers in no time.