A secret formula to make your child study

These days everyone is talking about exams, studies, syllabus, marks, percentage, books, notebooks, preparation etc etc. Even our dear Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji couldn’t stop himself from speaking with children on how to deal with examination stress in an event called “ParikshaPeCharcha” held in Delhi recently.

Still, many parents are fretting over their child’s exams because they say their children hate studying, and they keep pushing them too hard and fail, again and again (yes, even parents can fail). If you go and visit any house these days, where there are children, chances are rare that you won’t hear the line “padh lo bete, padh lo.”

The Kidslogic team understands your pain, dear parents, and that’s why we have found a video for you to help you deal with your child if s/he finds studying boring and all your efforts to make them sit and learn fail. Lekin padhana to padhega, ab kya kare?

Chalo, watch this video by Sandeep Maheshwari on how to motivate children to study and increase their interest so that you could save your energy for better things like thinking about what healthy dishes you should cook for them during examination time, rather than wasting it on screaming at them “unnecessarily”. Yes, you read it right! Unnecessarily because it helps neither you nor does it do any good to your child; instead wasting their time too. After all, exams to bachcho ke hai na! Unki baat bhi samjho. Please understand why they don’t want to study and to make you understand this, we have got this video for you. Ideas hai, implement karo and breathe a sigh of relief. Here’s the secret formula to make your child study. It works!