ParikshaPeCharcha is not over. It has just begun!

We have seen and heard so many Indian leaders doing ‘DeshPeCharcha’, ‘PoliticsPeCharcha’, ‘KheloPeCharcha’ and even ‘ChaiPeCharcha. Mitro! This time, seeing our Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi doing ‘ParikshaPeCharcha’ has brought a smile on the faces of millions. He truly answered every question like a ‘friend’. He took his valuable time out of his busy schedule to reduce the examination stress in students’ lives.

The way he replied to the questions put up by students must have left all the counsellors, psychiatrists, and therapists stunned. He has proved that to understand the problems of others, it is not necessary to have them in your own life. All you need is love and compassion in heart to feel others’ pain. He showed that he considers every child of India as his own.  Our PM has given some mind-blowing lessons to parents and some magical tips to students that certainly would help them deal with the examination stress.

In this video, our PM has requested the parents to not compare their children with others and not expect their children to fulfil their unfulfilled dreams and resolve their own feelings of regret and disappointment. In his words— “Everyone has different abilities. Every child belongs to a different environment, has a different interest and dream. Parents shouldn’t make the achievements of children their social status.” He also advised students to never doubt their parent’s intentions, but understand them.

On the topic of ‘ParkishaPeCharcha, the kidslogic team connected with a few kids to ask them what they would like to add to this Charcha and what steps, according to them, should be taken to implement the suggestions by our loving PM.
So friends! This Charcha has just begun. Our children asked questions and our PM answered each one beautifully. Parents ki toh bolti band kardi but bachcho ki bolti ab shuru hogi. Stay tuned for more on #ParikshaPeCharcha 😊