Man teaching English grammar: Awesome Video – breaking the Internet

If you have ever gone through the Grammar lesson, then you must know how difficult they are to remember. Many people found these English grammar lessons that are taught at school as utterly boring. After all, most of us will agree that grammar lessons weren’t precisely the definition of fun. But recently a video came out, and it is breaking the internet. In this video, a man is teaching tenses, singular and plural verbs, etc., to his students. Once you have a look at the video, you might even begin to realize that it is possible to have fun learning English grammar.

This fantastic video was being shared widely on Facebook. In the video, the man was enthusiastically teaching grammar to a group. In the clip, he dances and sings while he explains matter-of-factly. As he sings, he encourages the others to repeat after him, which they do each time without fail.

If you listen to the video the teacher starts off by singing: ‘You don’t, you don’t write a letter; they don’t, they don’t write a letter; he does not write a letter; she does not write a letter.’ While singing so, he begins to teach present continuous tense, in the same manner. But before this, he explained the tense in Hindi first. In the same entertaining way, he goes on to teach present perfect and past indefinite tenses as well. Do watch the video to check out how he explains. Do like, comment and don’t forget to share your views and suggestions in the comments section.