Make Your Kids Learn The Value Of Money With Piggy Banks

It is high time your kids learn the importance of money! From a young age, if the kids are instilled with the value and significance of money, then it helps a lot in their growth as a well-rounded person. Often, we parents make the mistake of showering our kids with innumerable expensive toys & gifts as well as exorbitant pocket money. If you keep on giving your kids whatever they desire, they will surely lose the value of it!

It is thus, very important as a parent to make your kids understand the value of money. You can teach your kids to start saving their pocket money, birthday gifts in form of money as well as any other money earned through chores.
For this, you can get them their very first piggy bank. Nowadays, piggy bank for kids come in various shapes and designs along with password and lock!

These tech savvy yet immensely cute piggy banks for kids, are an important step towards teaching your kids the value of saving and earning money. Take a look

1. Hi tech ATM piggy bank for kids with password lock

This is a really cool miniature version of an ATM machine complete with sound and broadcast. It lets your kid deposit notes and coins, announces the amount entered and also locks up when opened without an ATM pin!

2. Doraemon/Minion piggy bank

What better way to save your money than in your favorite cartoon shaped piggy bank! Doraemon and Minions are hugely popular amongst kids and having a piggy bank with password and lock in their shape will surely please them!

There are several other versions of piggy bank available in the market with password, without password etc. Now here is a piggy bank song for kids teaching them the importance of it. Enjoy!