Easy To Learn GK Questions & Answers For Class 1 To 4

Is your kid into general knowledge questions and answers? Can you always find him doing a GK quiz questions for kids? Do you wish for your kid to increase his basic general knowledge? Then you should definitely pay attention to online general knowledge questions with answers for kids!
These days there is absolutely nothing you cannot get online! Kids even prepare for big exams just by finding study material online! By getting your kids interested in general knowledge questions and answers, you will:

a) Improve their basic understanding and world knowledge
b) Sharpen their memory skills
c) generate better awareness about their surroundings and current affairs

Now what is the best way to get a child interested in learning gk questions for school students? Books would be the obvious answer. But, we all know how hard it has become to make a child interested in a book! So, why not opt for simple GK questions with answers videos?

Here we have compiled together a list of such videos for small kids going to class 1 to 4. Have a look.

1. Easy General Knowledge Questions For Indian Kids

Targeted specifically at Indian kids class 1 to 2, this video provides simple GK questions for little Indian kids without any hassle. What more, this video is in Hindi, a rare fete it is!

2. Objective GK Questions For School Students Class 1 To 5

This video tackles not only some good gk questions, but as provide detailed knowledge with each answer in English. Quite an educational video for kids!

3. KBC Style General Knowledge Questions For School Students

If your kid is not interested in learning through a tutorial, get them interested through junior KBC style gk quiz questions video.