Did you know Scientists discover brand new organ in the digestive system?

Friends, I recently heard from my sister that scientists have discovered a new organ in the human body named as mesentery. Mene kaha ab jitna study kiya tha science vo sab bekar ho gaya kya? I never heard of this kind of organ from my science teacher till now. Then my sister said that though I have to study about it also in bigger classes, but if I see in another way it is a great achievement by the scientists who have classified a brand-new organ inside our bodies and this research will help a lot in curing and healing diseases related to the abdominal and digestive area of human body.

My sister also told me that though scientists have researched for more than 100 years over the human body but this part of the human body was considered a fragmented structure made of separate sections, but the latest research done by J Calvin Coffey, from Ireland has proved that this is a single organ. Friends mujhe to itna sab samaj nai aaya but itna samaj aaya ki, if further research is done on this it will help a lot in the cure of disease related to abdominal and digestive parts of the human body. Someday I will understand all this what my sister said, let me know what was your first reaction after going through this and don’t forget to share your views in the comments section.

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