Creative kids from Noida write Exam Anthem!

While preparing for their exams, a group of students from Noida decided to write Exam Motto, Exam Pledge and Exam Anthem. They have written all these so beautifully that it felt as if they copied it from somewhere. Baap re! Bacche aajka kitne creative ho Gaye hai.




Seriously! What is the need of teaching students these days! They are so smart that they can teach anyone, anything (except those boring textbooks).

The way they have written the Exam Anthem is exceptionally good. Anyone can run short of adjectives to describe these kids. Amazing, talented, highly intelligent, superb, these words are not enough to tell how well they have written. All the students must read it. It is surely going to work as a stress buster during the stressful pre exam days.

Good luck, students and don’t forget to sing the exam anthem before starting your day. Hehe! It will motivate you. No, seriously! Every line will make you laugh, for sure.

Read, share and comment, if you like it. But there’s no doubt about not liking it. Khud he padh kar dekh lo.