Toy Review | Hummer RC 1:14 – Hummer Toy Car with Big Control System


Hello, Friends hope you are doing well, whichever toys we get cars and trucks are the favorites of boys. My favorite is the hot wheel cars, but when it come to remote control planes and drones I just love them. Recently when my cousin from Dubai visited our home, he came with his all new Hummer RC Toy car and I must say that car was just awesome.

Along with him later that day we went to the nearby park to play with the Hummer car and within minutes all the kids in the park gathered to see the car. This Hummer car toy is great and the control system looks to real as it has a steering looks and all the controls are made to give it feel of a real car. Along with my cousin, I played with the car for about an hour. My dad has promised me to gift me this toy if I get good marks in the exams this time. Friends, this was all, do watch the video I have linked below to see the real performance of the Hummer car toy and don’t forget to share your views and suggestions in the comments section. Have a great day all.

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