Unboxing of XBOX ONE X for all Gamers!

Hello everyone, we are back with unboxing of all new Xbox One X (not iPhone X friends 😊). I am talking about Xbox One X. It was launched in India this year only but I am showing you the video when it was not available in India.

Xbox One X console comes in two variants- one of 500gb and another 1tb. 500gb consists of 1 controller and 1tb consists of 2 controllers. And yes, it has been clearly shown in the video how-to setup this console.

The colour of controller is Matte Black, and most important thing is that, we have showed you the gameplay of Forza Horizon3—the racing game.
So, what are you waiting for? Go and buy that console and start playing with it!!!

Ok, wait! In the end, I would like to give 5 more reasons to buy Xbox One X.

I. Good graphics

II. Good grip of the controller

III. Nice look

IV. Easy to setup

V. And last but not the least, we get the subscription of the Xbox network easily…unlike PSN (playstation network).

But wait-
You should have good internet connection to enjoy Xbox One X.
And, if you have 4k HDR TV then you can enjoy it more.

So hurry! Why to wait friends…go and buy it today!

Written by Shivam Singh