Unboxing of Oculus Go by young geek Aryan!

Hello everyone, here with are with yet another unboxing of one and only Oculus Go Virtual Reality Device by Aryan. So, you might be thinking what Oculus VR is. Get ready! Our expert reviewer Aryan will tell you all about it.

He opens the box here only and explains each and every part so nicely.
It is a gaming cum movie watching device like PlayStation VR. Aryan opens each and every part carefully and speaks about all of them with so much clarity.
Now you might be thinking that if PlayStation VR is also the same then why we should go for Oculus Go. Here are 5 reasons why Oculus Go is far better than PS (PlayStation) VR.
I. You can connect with App in your phone and enjoy it
II. It is more affordable
III. This can be connected to any pc, phone etc, but PS VR can be connected only with ps4 or ps4 pro.
IV. Oculus looks very good
V. Good storage and RAM
And now let’s talk about the last point. As you can see, Aryan has told us about all the features and accessories in details. So, what should you do now? Go and buy it

Written By Shivam Singh