Top 5 Inventions of 2018 That Will Leave you Stunned!

Can we imagine our lives without our gadgets today? We have become so dependent on technology that our day starts and end “technologically”. Technology is moving faster than our imaginations can keep up with. We see one invention today and tomorrow, something new is designed and developed to leave us awestruck. How fast the time is moving. Phew!

In this video, you are going to see some of the inventions of 2018 that will blow your mind.Let these inventions introduce themselves to you.

1. Temi“Hello. My name is Temi. Technically your personal robot but I don’t like people calling me a robot so you better describe me as a tablet on wheels. Yeah. That sounds better! I use facial recognition to identify and track you and plug into Google’s artificial intelligence tools to mimic Google Assistant’s functionality. I also give you a hands-free way to answer a call, play music, make a video or even to order a pizza for you. You can also video chat or watch TV while you walk around the house.”

2. GeniiHey, I am your Genii. Now you can control everything in your house from anywhere in the world. I am a new user-friendly way to turn your home into a smarter home in just two easy steps. First, place me at any compatible home appliance and then download me (the genii app) to your smart phone. Then what? You can always feel like being at home when I am around, no matter where you are.

3. BreazeHello, I am Breaze. I am the most intelligent air-pollution mask. I filter particles that threaten your daily life. I allow you to breathe comfortably and you will not feel oppressed while breathing. I don’t generate moisture while exhaling, and let you experience an optimal comfort. Last but not the least, my unique design allows your face to be visible. Once you have me, you won’t be able to imagine living without me.

4. RoboboI am Robobo— the next generation of educational robots. I use a smartphone to allow you to learn the future of robots and robotics. You can program me in your computer or tablet. My Robobo base is the body while your smartphone provides the brains of the robot. I can feel just like you do, see colours and recognise faces and shapes, sense when you touch me and a lot more. I am an educational tool that is used in classrooms as well.

5. PineHey guys, I am Pine—the world’s most flexible motional controller. I can easily bring motion to your camera and create automated camera movements, time lapse, panoramas, 3D photogrammetry scans and much more.