5 gadgets every parent must have

All of us own the standard gadgets like laptops, phones, cameras and TVs. But, in a technologically advanced age, we must keep ourselves aware of the new inventions and discoveries, specially if we are a parent.

We worry about so many things and keep instructing our kids to do this and that. Here are some gadgets that would help you deal with the worries of everyday life related to kids while teaching them some important lessons of like how to save water or environment the fun way. The thekidslogic.com found the devices that every parent must own.

1. Autowater

This autowater adapter will make your kid wash hands automatically. It comes with powerful censors for on and off and stops the water automatically. So, while making your kids learn a good habit, this gadget also helps them to learn the importance of saving water.

2. Swim bands
You can be sure if your kids are safe while they’re in the water with this swim band. It is the most important wearable device that protects kids at the pool, on the beach, or anywhere they swim. These swim bands alarm if they are remain inside the water for too long.

3. Toothbrush without battery
Did you know that 15 billion batteries are sold every year and only 1 percent is recycled? So to save the environment we should encourage the use of things that require no batteries. This way, we will teach our kids how to save environment by changing our habits in our day-to-day life.

4. Eye test at home

Today we see most of the kids glued to the phone screens or laptops. As a result, more kids are suffering from near eyesightedness than ever before. It is severely impacting their ability to learn as kids are spending more time with gadgets. It is now easy to take control of your family’s vision health. This eye que device helps you test your kids’ eyes at the comfort of your home with the help of an app in your smartphone.

5. Rain machine
Water conservation is the most cost-effective and environmentally sound way to reduce our demand for water. You can bring home smart irrigation control system and teach your kids the importance of conserving water in a fun way.