SULTAN II Movie Review II Salman Khan II Anushka Sharma II

With Sultan Salman uncle has once again proved that he is the most loved superstar of Bollywood. Besides having a massive fan following across age group and gender, he has also won the hearts of millions of kids with his childlike charm, exuberance and enthusiasm on and off the screen. Last movie I watched of Salman uncle was Bajrangi Bhaijan. On our way back home from theatre and knowing how much I adore Salman Khan as a fan my dad seized upon the opportunity and promised he would take me to the theater for next Salman Khan’s movie if I stay on my best behaviour. He should have known, you do not ask for a commitment from a Salman uncle’s fan. As the days passed by, finally Friday 6th of july approached, the day of reckoning, when I was in the theater watching Sultan with my mom and dad. Amazing isn’t it? I was so excited and thrilled.

Let us now return to the topic, which is why we are here i.e. “Review of the movie Sultan”

Keeping aside everything for a moment, one of the reason why we should all watch this movie is because of the promotion wrestling as a sport (one of the oldest sport in India) has received from this movie. Who else could have played the role of a wrestler better than Salman uncle could.

It is the story of a fallen hero who despite being hit by life’s strongest blows is adamant to take a chance, risk everything and follow his dreams. This ‘never die’ attitude of Sultan is the USP of the movie, which makes it worth watching.

If you are a fan of MMA (mixed martial arts) then it will be a delight for you to watch both traditional wrestling and modern MMA action sequence in one movie.

Anushka Sharma playing the role of wrestler with a dream to earn a medal in Olympics is exactly how every girl in our society should aspire to become – strong, independent women.

Sultan is overall an incredible movie with lots of wonderful moments to keep you glued to the screen. You should hit the theatres at the earliest to watch it and i will wait for the release of Salman uncle’s next movie. Please like and share the video and help in spreading the words of the kids. Your acknowledgement might help us get noticed by Salman Khan Uncle.