“Jason Bourne” movie review !

Jason Bourne is an iconic name in the world of movies. Bourne is a hugely successful franchise of action spy thriller movies based on the character of Jason Bourne a CIA assassin suffering from extreme memory loss who must figure out who he is. Recently released movie “Jason Bourne” is the fifth instalment in the franchise and marks the comeback of Matt Damon who was not present in the fourth part “The Bourne Legacy”.  Since the time I saw the first movie of the franchise “The Bourne Identity” Jason Bourne has been one of my favourite movie characters. Most exciting aspect of the franchise is that their action sequences have always been realistic in comparison to the recent trend in movies of using computer graphics for the action scenes. While playing hide and seek with friends I sometimes get into Jason Bourne mode imitating his mannerisms when he is out there hunting bad guys. So you can understand my excitement when I was watching the movie.
Plot of the movie “Jason Bourne “
After nine years in the shadows, Jason Bourne is back. Jason has recovered partially from amnesia and remembers some of things from his past. An old associate of Jason, Nicky Parson gives him a stolen file and claims she knows how and why he was recruited in the CIA and transformed into a killer. However, the government body is on their trail and sends another assassin to kill them forgetting that it is Jason Bourne they are confronting who knows how knows how to fight for survival. Although plot is not as gripping as the first three installment of the serious, yet for the fans movie will be a visual delight. Bourne franchise has set Sky high expectations, which is not achieved in this movie but it is not a complete disappointment.
 USP of the movie
·  The character Jason Bourne himself and the comeback of Matt Damon
·   Realistic car chases and action scenes which are believable. They are often so real like a part of the movie where peaceful demonstration turned violent with people throwing glasses and Molotov cocktails. It is so real that you may feel you are seeing a news footage.
·   Superbly captured one-on-one brawls of Jason bourne with the bad guys lives up to the tradition of the franchise.
·  Acting of the stars like Tommy lee jones, Matt Damon and Julia Stiles
 My expectations were high from the movie but I was not entirely dejected after coming out of the theatre. As a fan I enjoyed watching it. And hopefully you too will have a nice time time seeing “Jason Bourne”. Please like and share the video and if you had a good time in the theatre then share your thoughts in the comment section.