Captain Marvel—Marvel’s next big film’s official trailer is out!

Captain Marvel’s official trailer is out! Brie Larson stars in the upcoming Marvel movie, which is set for release in March 2019. The trailer opens with Captain Marvel–aka Carol Danvers–falling to Earth, straight into a Blockbuster rental store.

In the trailer, Danvers says that she had some memories of her time there, but she seems to have lost many of them after becoming a member of Starforce. It looks as if she’s tracking someone down.

The flashes of her intergalactic life as part of Starforce, and then how she comes to terms with a new life on Earth–which includes punching an old lady makes the trailer looks promising. You can see some of her powers and the main characters, including Mar-Vell (Law) and a younger, eyepatch-free Nick Fury (Jackson).

Some facts about Captain Marvel so far, from its release date and cast list to the Captain Marvel’s directors and writers, are here:

  • Captain Marvel movie release date: March 8, 2019
  •  Captain Marvel directors: Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck
  • Captain Marvel cast: Brie Larson, Jude Law, Ben Mendelsohn, Samuel L. Jackson, Lee Pace, Clark Gregg, Gemma
    Chan, Djimon Honsou, Lashana Lynch
  • Captain Marvel writers: Geneva Robertson-Dworet, Meg LeFauve, Nicole Perlman