Kids think of God NOT as One

No one has seen God. We all have heard of Him and have listened and seen people of different religions saying different things about Him. Some believe them and some form their own opinions. However, there is one section that speaks nothing but the truth and we all love to believe them. They have nothing to do with cast, creed or religion. Yes, you guessed it right! Kids. The kids use their own logic in everything, even if they are asked about God. And why not? These small kids can obviously give their opinion on something as BIG as God. After all, they are kids with the purest hearts and are believed to be closest to the God.

In this video, kids of different religions—Christian, Jewish, Buddhist and Muslim faiths describe and draw their version of God. Their answer would surely leave you amazed. If for one God is love, for the other He is happiness. One thinks God wears blue shirt and pants and the other says God has orange hair. Hehehe! Cute.

If for one God has softer voice, for the other he is loud! If one says you can see God on the ground, on his legs and on his feet, the other is sure that God is in the sky. Kids and their imagination! It is awesome. Kids and their logic. Nothing can beat it. Kids are kids, don’t expect them to think inside the box. They can say anything, which is beyond your imagination. The purity of their mind, heart and soul make them see the clear sky with all the answers.

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