Some Interesting facts about eyes: You probably do not know these

It is rightly said that Your Eyes Really Are the Window to Your Soul. Maybe this is the reason why human eyes are so complex and fascinating. In fact, we perceive the entire world through our eyes. There are many facts related to human eyes that you probably don’t know. So let’s have a look at them.

Interesting Facts about Human Eyes

  • Human Eyes are fascinating but there are a few people who have a fear of eyes. This condition is known as ommatophobia in scientific terms. 
  • Human eyes can get sunburned also over a prolonged period of time. And the reason why sunglasses are used to prevent this.
  • On average humans blink their eyes about 28,000 times every day.
  • If we talk about blinking, it is not as simple as it looks. It removes any dirt that is on our eye’s surface by spreading tears over them. These tears help to moisten and lubricate the eyes.
  • Human eyes are capable of detecting over 10 million different colors.
  • Eyes heal very quickly. If proper care is taken it only takes about 48 hours to repair a corneal scratch.
  • The size of the eyeballs does not grow it remain the same from birth to death.
  • Newborns do cry but they do not produce tears. Their crying is only sound. Baby’s tears don’t begin to flow until they’re around 4 to 13 weeks old.

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