Bharat ka Bachcha Hates India

Kid loves Bharat but Hates India

Meet this smart kid from one of the streets of “Bharat”. This innocent kid is not sure whether he would get his next meal or not, he doesn’t know whether he would get a chance to go to school some day, he has no clue about his own future. But, he can tell with confidence how “India” is different from “Bharat”. Yes, you read it right! For him, “India” and “Bharat” are two different countries. And, he hates India!

He might be wrong to say India and Bharat are different but he is right when he says India is an English speaking country because the word has been given by the British that were responsible for the death of many innocent Indians. He might be wrong to differentiate between the two but we cannot ignore his love for the country when he says he loves Bharat because we could speak Hindi here. He might not know that these two are the names of the same country but understands the fine line between the two, for one is for English speaking class and the other is for Hindi speaking section.

However, the questions that arise now—who has told him all this? From where did he learn? Who is responsible for sowing this seed of hatred in him for his own country just because of an English name? Isn’t it our duty to correct him? Besides, isn’t it our responsibility to appreciate him for his love for the country? But, millions of Indians including “his” “Bharat ke log” do not even care for such kids. What they think or do doesn’t matter to them. Just for petty vote gains, they forget that they are destroying the future of their own country.

Watch the video to see the child speaking on the difference between the “same countries”. Why he loves one and hates the other. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to invalidate his point of view completely…