Bharat ka bacha hates India..Are we providing the right education to our kids?

India Bharat

Today I have a question for all of you. What is the difference between Bharat and India? Normally most of us would say there isn’t any but after watching the reaction of an 8 year old boy and discussing about this incident with my father I am confused. I don’t think it is an easy question as it may seem. Especially youngsters like us and to some extent adults living in major cities and metros have a picture of our country which is different from the reality that exist in small towns, villages, remote areas and tribal belts.

There is a wide economic and developmental gap between rural and urban India. When compared to our lives in cities people in remote areas do not even have adequate access to basic facilities like health, education, clean drinking water, electricity etc. Due to poverty and lack of facilities parents in remote areas cannot provide proper education to their children. Consequently their children cannot break free from the cycle of poverty and unemployment.


Since independence all the major political parties have neglected the rural population. None of them have paid any serious attention to the infrastructural development of rural and tribal areas. So what is it that dominates the agenda of our politicians who campaign and ask for votes during election? It is the For them caste, communal and divisive politics has more prevalence and used effectively during elections. People who do not have any educational background or awareness blindly trust leaders belonging to their caste or religion. We cannot blame the people here. Because politicians effectively manipulate their thought process for personal benefit. Some of them are also vitiating the impressionable minds of small children with baseless facts and reasoning. Unfortunately poor kids who do not have educated member in their family to make them understand about right and wrong are the ones who develop distorted ideas about different issues.

Although views of the small kid in the video can be seen as an innocent mistake with no potential danger. Yet those who gave him this idea can also influence him to believe in something which can cause greater harm. This also holds true for the politicians, they should be very careful about what they say in their election rallies and speeches. Please do not use and manipulate people as the means to win elections. We do not need hatred and anger to escalate in our society. My request to the political community is to concentrate on the work they promise during elections. And rather than becoming celebrities they should serve people who elect them.


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