Kids Review the Filipino Snacks

Here’s an interesting video of around 10 kids who were brought together in one place to try a few Filipino snacks—Boy Bawang, Mocca Cake, Choc Nut, Salted Tamarind and Halo Halo. These snacks were offered to them and they all reacted differently after tasting all the mentioned snacks one by one.

Later, when they were asked “which snack they would recommend”, choc nuts and Halo Halo scored the maximum points.

The kids found these items the most delicious ones amongst all other delicacies served to them. Halo Halo was the winner as it tasted like a milk shake with a bunch of different flavours. Kids just loved it. So, if you are thinking of trying some Filipino snacks, then do watch this video to get an honest review by the kids. Who could tell you better than these little stars? After all, kids know the best. So, you better listen to them!