Top 10 Android games of 2016

Help Flamy and his friends destroy the galaxy in Smashy bricks, the new game that stands at number 10. This is not a regular brick breaker game. Instead of moving the paddle, you draw trampolines! Isn’t that fun to do? At number 9, we have Star Knight, a paid game, which can be availed for 57 Rupees. This game is not one of the easy games out there and is really challenging. I love to play such challenging games! What is fun in winning a game that everyone can win? Am I right? This is an action adventure automated game. Now, let’s talk about a game that involves chasing and is a little conventional. Sea Hero Quest is at number 8 and as the name suggests, it involves chasing across the sea and scientists.

Are there any fans of combat racing out here? If so, this game at number 7 is definitely for you! Hovercraft: Takedown is a speed thrilling chase on a custom built vehicle! I get excited even at the vroom sound of cars! Yipee! Olympus rising at the sixth position is an action adventure game that involves a lot of strategy. I love games like Age of Empires, so I guess people who love such games will like this too. Monster Builder: Craft, Defend is a game where I can create monsters and in fact, battle them with my friends too! It’s at the 5th position. At number 4, we have mekorama! It is a really cute game where a block moves around various paths to get to the final destination. The movements are really etched out well. Try it. The sequel to the popular game Vector is out and is called Vector 2. It’s a running game where the shadow character does stunts and moves around broken buildings. The background music adds up to the charisma very well. This week, it is positioned at number 3. At 2, we have Evo Explores. It is an exploration games with mind boggling puzzles and illusions. I love such hypnotizing games the most. And finally, at the top, we have Brothers: A tale of two sons. This game is story driven and is derived from an award winning film of the same name. We get to control the two brothers and guide them throughout the fairy tale! It has won more than 50 awards! So, it’s worth to try it out.

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