5 Android apps you should download in March 2017


There are nearly 1.5 million applications currently on Google Play and with so many choices, finding new worthwhile apps can be a hassle. As we have the last several months now, today we’ll be showing you another 5 Android apps that you should definitely give a shot…

Podcast Go

My go-to app for podcasts on Android for years has been Pocket Casts, but recently I found a surprisingly pleasant alternative that doesn’t bring a price tag along with it. Podcast Go is a simple, material designed application that has an easy to use UI that makes sense for sorting multiple podcasts.

You can easily access a chronological list of podcasts that you’ve subscribed to, and also download those episodes for offline usage. The app doesn’t have any cloud sync options, nor can you remove the ads, but it’s a clean and useful app that is a great free alternative to PocketCasts.

Peek Launcher

As in last month’s best apps list, we’ve got another simple launcher to show off. This time, it’s “Peek Launcher.” This dead simple launcher is designed to make it as easy as possible to access the app you’re looking for. The launcher still has support for things like icon packs and wallpapers, but it keeps the homescreen as clean as possible by having a 4×2 grid that includes apps you’ve pinned and your most frequently used apps. Below that is a T9 keyboard for searching your apps.


Android’s standard status bar is clean and useful, but as with everything, there are always ways to improve it. Generally, doing so requires root, but “Status” makes it easy to change-up your status bar without rooting. The free app takes advantage of Android’s open nature and can fully replace your status bar with a fully customizable one.


For those of you who need to keep close tabs on your internet usage, Glasswire is an app absolutely worth downloading. The free app keeps constant track of what apps are using mobile data/Wi-Fi on your phone and how much they’re using. It’s interesting to see how apps are using your data in such a comprehensive way too. You can see data usage over the course of just a few minutes or for up to 90 days. Glasswire is also free to download on Google Play and has no in-app purchases.

Meteor Speed Test

 At this point, I think everyone is pretty familiar with Ookla’s Speed Test app. Another option many don’t know about, however, is Meteor. Meteor is designed with the average user in mind. For many, the numbers displayed in other speed test apps don’t mean much, so Meteor translates that into standard lingo.

Further, Meteor shows how your internet speed will service popular apps you have installed such as YouTube, Facebook, Google Maps, Chrome, and more. You can keep track of locations and networks you’ve tested and sort them by how good they are. Meteor is also completely free on Google Play.