You CAN when there’s no one to say YOU CAN’T

It’s a story of two friends, age 10 and 6, who were best friends and could never expect even a single day without each other. They would eat, play and spend their entire time with each other. One day the 10-year-old fell in a well while playing and started screaming because he didn’t know how to swim. The younger one looked everywhere but couldn’t see anyone who could help them. Then his eyes fell on a bucket which he threw in the well and asked his friend to hold it. The one above, with all his power, pulled up the rope with too much difficulty but in the end, succeeded in saving his friend.

When they went back home, nobody believed that the younger one could save the elder one. But one man in the crowd believed them. When everyone asked him how he could do it. He said when the 6-year-old did this, NOBODY WAS THERE TO TELL HIM THAT YOU CANNOT DO THIS. AND THAT’S WHY HE COULD DO IT.

What a POWERFUL story! Anyone would run out of adjectives to describe how beautifully this story has been shown and told. The awesomeness of this story is not in the words or visuals but the MESSAGE it has given. If there’s no one around us to demotivate or discourage us, we are capable of doing the impossible. Don’t tell you children what they can’t do.

Tell them what they can do. Besides, always appreciate them and teach them with love when you see them making some mistake. Just remove from your dictionary the discouraging words for the sake of your kids. Also, don’t make them dependent on you. Tell them they can do anything and are very strong when they feel demotivated. Show them this beautiful story.

Here is another video on kids giving motivational speeches to power you up.