Little boy helps poor old man; brings tears to the eyes

What an inspirational video! It’s a beautiful story of a little boy who saw a poor man walking barefoot and bearing the insufferable pain in the feet due to scorching heat and harsh road condition. His pain becomes so unbearable that he couldn’t walk further.

He sits at one place to take out two waste plastics bottles and a cloth piece to made his slippers so that he could walk. The entire scene catches the attention of a little boy who couldn’t stop himself from getting out of his luxury car. However, his father didn’t let him think or do anything about it.

Kids have pure hearts and this has been proved again in this video where the boy decides to help the poor man. He goes back to his house and took money from his piggy bank to buy footwear from the market for the old man. Then he went on his bicycle to look for the old man to give him the gift for his damaged and painful feet.

The old man was very happy to get the footwear. But, the father of the boy, worried about his son, started looking for him and was shocked to see him with the old man. The boy thought his father would scold him. But the father didn’t say anything. In fact, he smiled and hugged his son for what he did for the old man.

This little boy teaches a great lesson to all of us. We should not ignore the pain of the others. If we can, we should help. It costs nothing much but fills your heart with immense peace and happiness, and life with blessings from the ones you help.

Be kind, be sensitive, be compassionate. Life is beautiful when it is lived selflessly. Thanks to the boy in this video for inspiring many to live in the same way.

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