BETTER YOU| Short Film| 2016

Better You – is a short movie that is written and directed by Ryan Blewett. It is being produced by Anna Brisbin, Maegan Deeble and Ryan Blewett. This short movie is uploaded by Brizzy Voices YouTube channel and it was premiered at Buffer Festival 2016 where it was selected to screen at the opening gala.

This short movie inspires us to believe in ourselves. These days fashion has become very important in the lives of people, everyone wishes to be like someone else, like an actor, like an actress, like a business man but no one is ready to be what he is. They are always in search of something by which they look better than others, it is a good thing in cleanliness and kindness but the trend is just fashion. People try different shoes, clothes and lots of makeup to look better and in all this they almost forget what they actually are they just wish to make others jealous. This movie comes with a similar message, in the movie a woman who is not happy with her looks, so she tries different looks of her over a magical mirror which makes you look like the one you confirm. So does the woman, but one day she found herself in a trap. It would be better to believe yourself and be what you are, Better You. Do watch the movie and share your views in the comment section below.

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