A poor gamer wins $100,000 in reality

In this video you are going to see that the gamer sees a dream that he won a lottery of 100,000 dollars and then he buys a new gaming PC as well as all the new games he always wanted to buy. But then suddenly he woke up and told about this to his mother but her mom told that these things are fake and nothing happens like this in reality. But he refuses and did not believe her. He believed in his dream so much that he says to his mom, “No I will win the lottery”.

Then, after that he gets an email that you have won the lottery of 100,000 dollars. He could not believe. He gets so excited and then he shows that email to his mother and gets shocked that how this could happen. When his mother told her daughter about it, she also could not believe and said this is impossible, how could her brother win such a big amount. When his mother goes to his dad and tells the same, father also also gets excited and decides to take money from his son to buy a new car. The kid’s mother says “I will buy diamond jewelry”.

When the father goes to his son, the son refuses to give even a single penny to his dad!!! The gamer said “I won’t give you” but when his mother asks if he wants to eat biryani, the boy becomes so happy that he immediately says yes. And when mother says give me $5000 and you will get your biryani, he says OK.

The story gives the message that if you want to get something, you need to give something. Father was just asking for money and not giving anything in return but mother was giving him biryani so he agrees. Kids are so sweet. But guys, this is all for fun and don’t play any lottery thing online. It is dangerous. It is just a good video for entertainment. Don’t take is seriously. Lotteries are fake. Bye bye.

Shivam Singh

(A class 9 student)