Udbhav gives Kapil a taste of his own medicine – Udbhav from Sabse Bada Kalakar at Kapil Sharma Show

udbhav sabse bada kalakar

Hello, Friends hope you are doing well, I know most of you do enjoy the Kapil Sharma show and why not, the show is just amazing. I do love the show and watch it with my brother and sister in the late night after having dinner. Every time Kapil brings new fun to the show and I never felt boring. I heard about the fight between the Kapil and his crew members, and I felt so sad about that. It is a laughter show and what will be the image if the crew members fight with each other. But this has not affected our love for the show, we still make sure that we see the show in the evening and if we miss we record it for later watch.

In the recent episode of Kapil Sharma, in which Udbhav of Sabse Bada Kalakar was seen giving Kapil a taste of his own medicine while acting as Rajesh Arora.i just loved his performance and the video that my brother shared with me was just awesome. Friends, this was all, do watch the video I have linked below, enjoy the performance of Udbhav and don’t forget to share your views and suggestions in the comments section. Have a great day all.

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