The Kids Logic excited about Santa Uncle

It’s December and Christmas is around the corner! The city is already gearing itself up for this grand festival! Jingle Bells Jingles bells echoing everywhere. And we children are excited about what Santa has to bring for us this year. Red and white is the theme for the Christmas. We all wear red caps and red Santa Claus clothes and singing Jingle Bells and other carols to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Every year I pray to god and apologize God so that he doesn’t cancel the gifts through Santa. “I know I behaved really badly this year, but I promise to behave much better next year – so will it be okay if you still come and visit me with presents?” is my pray before I go to bed days before Christmas.

My classmates sound so funny when they say “you know Jesus was born to Gods.” And when we see three wise bringing Gold and silver as gifts for Jesus, we wonder why they gifted silver and gold when they have plenty of options. Some think he would have preferred wrestling toys, some say if I were at their position I would have gifted him a tin of biscuits and some chocolates, other say they would have gifted a nice knitted baby dress.

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