5 Easy Self-defence Techniques for your Kids

Protecting our kids at home, at school and in public is our top priority. We often think: Is our child safe? Whether they’re out with friends or at school, most parents worry. Some kids don’t even think about safety, and parents struggle to find a way to teach their kids about it.

If someone attempts to kidnap your child, s/he should know how to protect themselves.Watch this video in which a Child Safety Expert shares some easy self defense moves kids can use if they find themselves confronted by a predator. And, this video is just showing how those steps can help a child to save themselves but, if you actually want your kids to learn those techniques perfectly, you should get them enrolled in kids’ self defense classes that would benefit them in many ways.
Step 1:
It teaches your kid to make a fist. How to roll four fingers tightly and keeping the thumb on outside.
Step 2:
Here “The Get Back Stance” teaches your child how to keep one foot toward the bad guy and then how the child should yell “Get back”.
Step 3:
The expert in the video here teaches the step “Beat the Drum”. The child should beat the hands of the bad guy like a drum if he tries to grab him, and his face if the predator tries to pick the child up.
Step 4:
It teaches your kid to lift up their knee and stomp as hard as they can, using the heel of their foot onto a bad guy’s foot.
Step 5:
A bad guy will be bigger than them of course, but that would work in your child’s favour. Here the expert teaches how a kid can run between small places like parked cars and clothes racks. And then, the predator will have no choice but to slow down to either fit through or go another way.