#MeraMonday Kuch Naya Sa

Hey friends, welcome to thekidslogic.com.
You are here for a reason and so are we. It’s our love for the kids that has brought us together on the same platform.

So, here we are in the beginning of the week to introduce you to the new look, new content, new ways, new style, new sections of our website. Why? Because you are important to us.

Your say, your advice, your feedback, your views matter to us the most. Our website exists because of you— the users. You are the users and you are the editor as well.
To start with, we now have new sections like cute kids, star kids, genius kids, and more. So, find out where your kiddo or your neighbour’s little baby fits in. Even the ones on the streets or from the roads you don’t even know are welcome here. After all, bachche mann ke sacche. Any kid from anywhere has the right to share his or her views on any topic here on thekidslogic.com.

Yaha koi bhedbhaav nahi hai. Everyone is equal.
So, if you see anything important related to kids happening around you, do share with us—This will be for our News & Advice section. And, if you think, feel or believe that your kiddo sing, dance or act well or s/he is innovative, intelligent, or even a little insane, funny or fantabulous and does comedy like Kapil Sharma and speaks like PM Modi, let us know!

The all-new sections of our website are enough to incorporate any video content related to kids.

Thekidslogic.com is the perfect platform to turn your little stars into superstars. Let their talent reach the world. Call it ‘Mera Monday’ and share your little magical moments with us. By seeing your video content on the website every Monday, you would surely want to call it #MeraMonday. After all, you are the user and you are editor of the website.