Little Santas Caught on camera this Christmas

Kids views on Christmas

Ho! Ho! Ho! Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way: Santa Claus is coming around, driving on a sleigh, hey!
Ha! Ha! Ha! Gone are the days when children used to wait for Santa Claus to come and surprise them with his gift potli. Actually, today’s kids understand the meaning of Santa and Christmas quite well and better than we adults. Yes, it’s true! The Kids Logic team spoke with some kids this Christmas to share with you the great views coming straight from the little heads.

We, in our childhood, must have never doubted the existence of Santa. As the kids today have their own logic behind everything, they have a different completely different view point pertaining to the existence of Santa also. For them, there is no real Santa and Santa only means the one who gives happiness and fulfills their wishes. Therefore, for them, the real Santa is their Mother. And then, there are those innocent kids on roads who may never have gone to school, but they know what Christmas is all about. Yes, they understand. They not just sell those red Santa caps on red signals, but also know why people buy it and what they do on Christmas- to celebrate the day with loved ones. Sitting on the roadside doesn’t make them less capable or intelligent then the ones sitting inside the luxury cars.

Besides, we also asked them what they would do if they become Santa Claus. It was amazing to see them speaking like a Pro, an angel, ones who understands the pain of the poor, who know what the true meaning of happiness is, what Christmas actually means.

Watch the video to learn some beautiful lessons of life related to the festival of joy and happiness from our little stars.
Merry Christmas