Kids explaining What Love Is

Everyone wants to be happy in this world. But there are only few people who are truly happy. Some believe that wealth gives happiness. They spend most of their time and energy in acquiring it. But wealth does not give happiness or emotional satisfaction. It can only provide basic comforts of life, that’s it. There are others who seek power for happiness. They do everything possible to attain power and superiority over others. But even such powers don’t give happiness. With power one can force others to do certain things but there is lot of difference between forced and spontaneous action. Actually secret for true happiness is love, if you have love in your life you will be the happiest person in world.

Love is the basic requirement of a happy life. It has the power to unite people.Personally I feel love is about unconditionally caring for someone and emotionally supporting them with your presence in their life. If you want to understand what love is who else could be better than the small kids who with their innocence can explain everything in the simplest possible way. In the video posted above you can check the views expressed by kids when they were asked What is love? They gave such cute and innocent answers. Do watch it and let us know what you think of the video. I am sure you will agree with their answers.