Kid Experts’ Cute Meeting Stuns Millions

Do you know what happens when two little adorable experts meet? Watch this cute video of Kid Experts, Brielle—who loves the periodic table of elements and Nate—a Geography genius, that has won hearts of millions across the world.

Nate Seltzer, who showed off his skills as a geography expert on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” was featured in another show-stopping segment. He had a memorable meeting with another kid expert of his age, Brielle Milla.

The two experts of the same age discussed their areas of expertise with Brielle telling Nate what her favourite element is and he told her his favourite countries. These cute kids also talked about what they did on their birthday.

Nate, who is obsessed with maps and geography, left the audience amazed with his encyclopaedic knowledge of geography and his joke about Donald Trump. The video of him in “The Ellen Show” has over 9.9 million views on YouTube.