ISRO Launches India’s Sixth Eye In The Sky, Cartosat 2, With 30 Satellites

From being able to spot terrorist camps, down to the even the smallest barracks. The Indian defense surveillance has taken the next step up the ladder, with Cartosat-2 series.

Hera are 10 things you should know about this satellite

The sixth Cartosat-2 series satellite weights 712 kg and had 30 Nano co-passengers launched with it.

The 29 International Nanosatellite launched are part of a commercial arrangement between ISRO commercial arm the Antrix Corporation Ltd and 14 other international customers. These customers are Austria, Belgium, Britain, Chile, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, and the US

The satellite was launched by the Indian space research organizations (ISRO) launch vehicle Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) which is usually referred to as ISRO’s workhorse.

PSLV was on is 40th successful flight during this launch.

The latest satellite has a resolution of 0.6 meters, which means it can spot very small objects. It can be effectively used for accessing information about terrorist camps and bunkers in difficult terrains and plain fields.

The satellites previous generation had a resolution of 0.8 meters, which was used to carry out precise strikes on seven terrorist camps last year.

The cryostat 2 series satellite is extremely ‘agile’ which means that it can be programmed to take very specific pictures in designated areas.

The added benefit being that the picture will have a very high resolution as well.

With Friday’s launch, the total number of launch mission by ISRO this year is 90.

The launch has secured India’s chances at the multi-billion dollar Space market which India had a very little share. The numerous launched by ISRO is its road to self-sufficiency.